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Launch of the Interfaith Code of Conduct

Interfaith Dialogue Forum for Peace in partnership with International Dialogue Centre (KAICIID) is thrilled to announce the launch of the Interfaith Code of Conduct, a momentous initiative that seeks to foster unity and peaceful coexistence among religious communities in Nigeria. The Code serves as a guiding light, inspiring religious leaders to uphold shared values and promote a climate of understanding and harmony. This landmark initiative underscores IDFP’s unwavering commitment to fostering understanding, harmony, and cooperation among Nigeria’s diverse religious communities

As part of the agenda of the launch, the Co-Secretaries were saddled with the responsibility of presenting the content of the Interfaith Code of Conduct. The Co-Secretary of the forum Joseph Tile Nomhwange said “The code stands on three main pillars, the pillar of love, peace and respect. In this Interfaith Code of Conduct, we have itemized ten core values that cut across both religion, in other words, no matter what religion you belong to, these values that you see here will continue to be good values that everybody should embrace in society to help us have a peaceful co-existence. For each of these values we have come up with some sacred texts from both religion”

interfaith code of conduct

Also speaking is the Co-Sectetary of IDFP Imam Shefiu Abdulkareem Majemu spoke on the ten core values of the document “One of the ten core values is mutual love and respect, the second one is value, the third is human rights and dignity, the fourth is hate speech and blasphemy, the fifth is conflict resolution, the sixth is justice, the seventh is ethical standards, the eight is truthfulness and sincerity, the ninth is legality, and the last one is transparency and accountability. These are not neutrals, these are parts of our scriptural texts, these are things we have been doing before now it’s just for us to put it into action.

The launch of the Code of Conduct is a resounding testament to IDFP’s resolute commitment to creating opportunities for building trust, confidence, and cooperation through open dialogue. To create better understanding and promote peaceful coexistence, the Interfaith Code of Conduct provides a framework that fosters mutual respect and dialogue between religious communities. It seeks to bridge the divide and strengthen the bonds of harmony between Christians and Muslims in the country.

The Co-Chairman of the forum Dr Yusuf Yakubu Arrigasiyyu noted that the forum is optimistic that the religious groups in Nigeria will abide by the provisions of the Interfaith Code of Conduct to promote peace and harmony amongst diverse religious devotees in Nigeria “We have started voluntarily and willingly for people to develop themselves, ofcourse later we will see if there is need to pursue for legislation we will do it in sha Allaah, but now its important for people to develop, initiate and agree within their minds that they want to do something”

All religious leaders and members of the interfaith community are urged to commit to being guided by the Interfaith Code of Conduct in their religious lives, practices, and daily interactions, both public and private, to enhance interfaith relations in their respective communities, and to promote interfaith dialogue, understanding and peaceful coexistence in Nigeria.

Religious leaders and members of the interfaith community are also encouraged to promote the Interfaith Code of Conduct across Nigeria: including in their local communities, schools, worship centres, traditional institutions, media organizations, and relevant national, state and local government agencies.

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