Interfaith Dialogue Forum for Peace General Assembly

National Advocacy Activity on the Prevention of Hate Speech

The aim of this project is to sensitize the populace that hate speech breeds discord and disunity within the society. The project intends to contribute to addressing the epidemic of hate speech ranging from the prejudices held against various ethnic and religious groups to the proper use of social media. This project is coordinated by Fr Stephen Ojapah and supported by IDFP.

Objectives of the Project:

  • Ensure the education of Nigerians using one state or (four pilot states) with regards to hate speech through Radio Television and the social media,

  • To create individuals who desire peace, positivity and progress for all others regardless of their religious and ethnic affiliations, and ultimately for the nation at large.

  • To reduce animosity between different tribes and religions in the country.

Progress recorded:

  • Signing of contract with two TV stations; NTA Kaduna and Jos for the broadcast of 13-episodes 30-minutes TV discussion programme each on preventing hate speech. Catholic TV Abuja agreed to broadcast the TV program free. These broadcasts have since commenced in the two states.

  • National advocacy campaign on social media with influential bloggers and activists including campaigns on the IDFP Facebook page for peaceful 2019 elections.

  • The project also produced radio jingle to publicize the project including the TV programme which will end by March 2019.

This project is led by Stephen Ojapah and supported by IDFP.

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