Advocacy and Sensitisation for Peaceful Elections in Nigeria 2019

Nigeria is a country of overlapping regional, religious, and ethnic divisions. Rifts between the North and South, ethnic groups and religious adherents often coincide and have sometimes resulted in sectarian violence. Lack of deliberate measures to actively engage youth in the electoral process has significantly weakened electoral processes and democracy. This is in addition to the ineffective representation of youth in the governance of the country; and manipulating them as tools of political intimidation and violence.


  • To complement the effort of the Nigerian government in promoting non-violence elections towards achieving stable democracy in the country.

  • To educate and sensitize citizens especially youth to the basic rules and institutional features of democratic political systems, rights, and practices through organised trainings and dialogue

Progress Report:

  • The IDFP monitoring committee held preparatory and planning meetings prior to the implementation of the project.

  • The project produced 1,300 pieces of polo and round neck T-shirts and caps that were distributed during the youth workshops and dialogues in Jos and Kaduna. Other materials produced were 100 folders and notepads and two 2 banners.

  • Two workshops and dialogue on peaceful 2019 elections were organized for 60 youth in Kaduna and Plateau states from 16th -21st December, 2018. Nasarawa state was replaced with Plateau state due to the current socio-political challenges in the state.

  • The workshop and dialogue with youth leaders were covered by the Voice of America and Radio France in Hausa language while local media stations covered in both English and Hausa.

  • Two 60-seconds TV and two radio jingles in Hausa and English were produced to sensitize the populace towards peaceful 2019 elections. Plateau Radio Television Corporation is currently broadcasting 30-slots of the TV jingles while Liberty TV in Kaduna is broadcasting 90-slots in Kaduna whereas Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria is airing 60-slots of the Radio jingles.

The project is coordinated by Dr Auwal Farouk Abdussalam and supported by IDFP.

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